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Does Citronella Oil Actually Help Repel Mosquitoes?

It’s summertime! Who doesn’t want to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather? Whether you are sitting outside by the pool, enjoying a round of golf, fishing with your children, or relaxing beside a campfire, this enjoyment can quickly be tempered by pesky mosquitoes invading your time of relaxation.

Many people turn to citronella candles to help keep mosquitoes away. But how effective is the use of citronella oil really? And what even is citronella? Well, citronella oil is a natural substance distilled from two types of grass. While it is currently approved as safe by the EPA for most people, it is recommended that pregnant women not use it because it can increase your heart rate. In addition, it is considered a “minimum risk pesticide” for humans, so it is exempt from being evaluated by the EPA.

But will citronella products at least keep the mosquitoes away? Unfortunately, it is found that products containing citronella oil as a base only last about 30-60 minutes due to the oil evaporating rapidly. In fact, citronella candles actually cause a continuous evaporation of the oil. It is said that citronella candles are only 23% effective against repelling mosquitoes. In fact, most citronella candles only contain a 5% or less concentration of citronella. All of these facts have led to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention not including citronella products on their list of recommended mosquito repellents.
If you are truly trying to avoid the biting mosquitoes, why use a product that does not actually protect you from them? Instead, we at 4 Ring Protection have created natural, DEET-free mosquito repellent products that contain a blend of natural and essential oils that actually repel mosquitoes. Our topical products last up to 6 hours, while our ZONE Spatial products can last up to 15 days. Compare those numbers to citronella products only lasting 30-60 minutes! Who wants to spend their entire fishing trip or golf round reapplying mosquito repellent every half hour! Instead, try our Anytime No-Bite products to keep those annoying pests away for your day of relaxation.

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  1. Linda Jo Evans

    I am so excited to try your Anytime No-Bite products and to recommend them as well as your Natural Black Fly Repellent! Thank you for developing this awesome line of products! Finally, a natural, organic product line that works the way it’s advertised!

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