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Creating the Best Pest-Free Outdoor Party

Still enjoying the last few weeks of summer and looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall? These next few months are the best time of the year for all those outdoor parties you’ve been wanting to host. However, uninvited guests in the form of biting, buzzing, stinging pests can quickly ruin that perfect barbeque, pool party, or birthday party. Thus, we have compiled a list of party planning ideas to help you avoid having your outdoor gathering ruined by pesky bugs.

Remove standing water

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so by eliminating it from your property, you can reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. Drain any items on your property that might hold standing water, such as kiddie pools, birdbaths, flower pots, or the plastic sections on your hose reel. In addition, try to keep your lawn dry by not overwatering it in the days leading up to your party, so as to eliminate standing water in your lawn.

Mow your lawn

Many bugs like to hide in tall grasses and weeds. Using your lawnmower and trimmer before your big event can help keep the annoying pests away during your outdoor party.

Keep food and beverages covered

If serving food outdoors, place all the food in dishes or trays that can be covered tightly by aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or with a tight-fitting lid. This will not only help keep bugs from bothering your guests by buzzing around them but will also prevent giving your guests food-borne illnesses transmitted by insects, such as flies. Offering screw-top beverages or using serving beverage containers with a tight-fitting lid helps keep bugs from congregating by the sweet liquids. However, the best option is to serve all the food and beverages inside and then allow your guests to eat outside.

Empty trash often

Enjoy your party, eat plenty of food, but also remember to empty the outdoor trash can often throughout the party. Open trash containers full of food and sweet beverages are invitations to pesky bugs to join your party.

Use ZONE Spatial Mosquito Repellent

While all of these party planning ideas help keep the buzzing, biting bugs away from your party, you can do even more to eliminate the annoyance. Our ZONE Spatial Mosquito Repellent products help protect your property from the invasion of annoying mosquitoes. Our products are natural and DEET-Free, so you don’t have to worry about harming even your smallest guests with your pest control option. Our ZONE products will cover an entire outdoor area for up to 15 days.
These party planning ideas coupled with our ZONE Spatial Mosquito Products will make your outdoor event enjoyable for all! You can find out more about our ZONE products here.

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