Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Scientifically Improved Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is an instant foam hand protector that is not only safe and non-flammable, but more importantly, it is alcohol free! It creates a protective barrier on the skin surface that has been university-tested and is known to be effective for up to 24-hours and kills 99.99% of the most common germs.

Our foaming hand protector is a safe, effective fast-drying and colorless hand protector, that is invisible on application and won’t stain clothing. The easy, rapid, foam application protects skin and nails on contact. Additionally, skin conditions in our product enhance soft skin for a fresh, non-sticky, silky feel.


  • Uses a patented technology.
  • The product links itself, through a molecular bond, to a substrate or a textile.
  • The other end of the molecule is a linear molecule that protrudes from the substrate.
  • This linear molecule is only about one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair - too small to harm large cells in mammals.
  • The linear molecule’s base nitrogen ion has a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria.
  • Upon contact, the linear column of carbon atoms physically pierces and disrupts the target organism’s cell membrane, once it comes into contact with a treated surface.
  • The result is a garment that is antimicrobial, static-free and softer.

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Our product line is environmentally friendly, family safe, and scientifically proven effective.