Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Scientifically Improved Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an innovated, two-fold spray technology for treating hard surfaces with 4 hospital-grade Quaternary disinfectants to kill harmful microbes, viruses, bacteria, and odor effectivally and then leaves an additional long-lasting anti-microbial barrier coating.


  • Uses a patented technology.
  • The product links itself, through a molecular bond, to a substrate or a textile.
  • The other end of the molecule is a linear molecule that protrudes from the substrate.
  • This linear molecule is only about one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair - too small to harm large cells in mammals.
  • The linear molecule’s base nitrogen ion has a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria.
  • Upon contact, the linear column of carbon atoms physically pierces and disrupts the target organism’s cell membrane, once it comes into contact with a treated surface.
  • The result is a garment that is antimicrobial, static-free and softer.

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Our product line is environmentally friendly, family safe, and scientifically proven effective.