Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Laundry Additive is a cost effective treatment to employ the benefits of the antimicrobial technology combined with a high quality fabric softener. Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Laundry Additive provides a residual protective barrier and extends the life of the garment. With everyday use it will enhance the mechanical mechanism of action, making the garment odor and bacteria resistant.

Protecting fabrics from odor causing bacteria eliminates many of the hygenie problems linked to foul clothing. By elminating odors and keeping surface areas cleaner, Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Laundry Addi- tive prolongs the wearing of uniforms and the need to frequently wash bedding and other fabrics, thereby saving large quantities of water, which is often a precious resource.


  • Uses a patented technology.
  • The product links itself, through a molecular bond, to a substrate or a textile.
  • The other end of the molecule is a linear molecule that protrudes from the substrate.
  • This linear molecule is only about one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair - too small to harm large cells in mammals.
  • The linear molecule’s base nitrogen ion has a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria.
  • Upon contact, the linear column of carbon atoms physically pierces and disrupts the target organism’s cell membrane, once it comes into contact with a treated surface.
  • The result is a garment that is antimicrobial, static-free and softer.


Apply 2 oz. of Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Launrdy Additive for every 12lbs of dry laundry weight, into the rinse cycle.

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