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What Role do Mosquitoes Play in the Ecosystem?

We know, mosquitos are kind of a pain. But surely they serve a purpose in our ecosystem, right? So what role do mosquitoes play? And why is it important that when we use repellents, we use eco friendly products that won’t kill them? While the existence of mosquitos has been debated by the science community, the benefit of mosquitoes is controversial. While some experts believe the positive impact that mosquitoes have on the ecosystem is minimal, others believe the reason mosquitoes exist is far more expensive than most people realize. 

Are Mosquitoes Important?

There roughly 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide, but you’d be surprised to learn that a majority of mosquitoes don’t draw blood from humans! Only 6% of the species on the planet feed off humans, and of that 6% only the females do this. This is roughly 100 species of mosquitoes that impact humans, but how? Of these few species that impact humans, half of them carry disease and parasites that can negatively impact us, and the diseases they carry can be detrimental to people. Among the diseases spread by mosquitoes are Malaria, West Nile, and even Zika. 

But surely mosquitoes aren’t all bad, they have to contribute more than just spreading disease, right? The answer is yes. Mosquitoes do indeed offer our ecosystem more than just the spread of disease. It’s important to note that the remaining few thousand species of mosquitoes are pollinators, and when they lay their eggs, their larvae is a food source for fish and frogs. While some believe other insects would take over these roles, it’s hard to say as their populations are so great the impact of eliminating them could be detrimental to the environment. 

why mosquitoes exist
Knowing more about why mosquitoes exist is an important first step in understanding why we still need them! Aerosol products that spread harmful chemicals that are detrimental to the environment should be reconsidered.

So Why Should I Use Repellents as Opposed to Insecticides?

When it comes to keeping these insects that may potentially carry diseases that are detrimental to people, we also need to consider their impact on the world around us. They may be a nuisance to us, and we definitely don’t want them spreading harmful illnesses to our families and loved ones. When choosing methods of pest control, we like to do it using products that are the least harmful to the environment and the pests we’re trying to keep away from us. Products that use DEET don’t necessarily kill the insects, but the impact it can have on people and the surrounding environment have had varying results. DEET toxicity, while in most cases has been mild and usually due to over use or improper use, can cause skin irritation, rashes, and even gastrointestinal problems that include nausea and vomiting. While our internal organs will break down DEET on their own, DEET products that are washed off our skin either through contact or bathing places unhealthy levels of the chemical into our water sources. In elevated levels, DEET can be harmful and toxic to fish and water wildlife. 

Other harmful pesticides are even worse for the environment, wildlife and people. These harmful chemicals can seep into the soil, waterways, and even affect the health of our loved ones. From reproductive health concerns to developmental delays and cancer, products that are meant to kill and extinguish insects have a long lasting impact on the environment. 

pesticides contain harmful chemicals
Many pesticides and insecticides contain harmful chemicals that can have long lasting and dangerous effects on our health. From reproductive health concerns to developmental delays and many other, these chemicals can leave us with life long health issues.

If you’re looking for family safe, environmentally friendly, and less harmful products to use as repellents, products like 4 Ring Protection’s ZONE area repellents are a great option. Using natural ingredients proven to keep bugs at bay is the best way to combat the nuisance and keep your family and animals safe. 

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