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Warm Weather Camping Checklist

Warm Weather Camping Checklist | Outdoor Tips

warm weather camping checklist

While lockdown has us all hankering to get outdoors, one thing is certain – camping is definitely on the list of getaways we can all do safely while social distancing. For some, camping is a hobby and well-seasoned adventurers already have their go-to packing lists. For others, however, this summer may be the best time to start hitting the trails and experiencing the great outdoors. Regardless of your destination, if you’re new to outdoor activities like camping, a warm-weather camping checklist may be in order! Join us for some great tips, resources, and ideas to make your next adventure a memorable one.

What to pack? A warm weather camping checklist

From cooking utensils to what to wear and everything in between, if you haven’t been in charge of organizing an overnight camping trip you’re in luck! Even if you’re a well experienced outdoor enthusiast, summer camping packing lists can come in handy. Sometimes you don’t even know what you don’t know! We’ve put together a few essentials to take when you venture out into the wilderness. 


  • Pick the perfect spot – Finding your perfect destination can be tough if you aren’t sure what’s in store. The U.S. has thousands of amazing locations to dive into which is good news for those trying to get out of the house. You can do a quick search on google for fun spots near you. You can even hit up spots in other states and turn it into a road trip!
  • Lodging gear – For some, a fancy tent is a way to go while others choose to sleep out in the open. No matter what, it’s best to choose a spot and tailor your gear list to your camping region. While some spots may require a heavy-duty sleeping bag and weather sturdy tent, other places may simply require a hammock and some bug screens. If you’re camping in a regulated camping area, you may have access to a restroom and electricity. If you’re going to head into the wild, you may want to consider battery powered lights like flashlights and hanging LED lights, too. Cots, pillows, dry covers and nets, among other important living comforts, might be a good idea to add to your list. Including tools, knives and even hunting gear may be a good idea when planning your trip as well.
  • Food and water – Packing in your food and water can be essential to a successful camping trip. Your warm weather camping checklist should include hearty and shelf-stable foods, as well as a means to turn water potable if you don’t have access to clean water. Carrying in your own water can be difficult if you’re heading somewhere inaccessible by vehicle. If your plan is to hunt or fish while on your trip, make sure you have the means to cook it. Bring matches to start a fire, and if you’re in an area where kindling and wood aren’t plentiful, make sure you bring your own wood. It’s also important to be mindful of wood-moving regulations as some states limit how far firewood can be transported to prevent the spread of insects and other plant and tree-based diseases.
  • Utensils – It may sound like a non-issue, but cups, plates, and eating utensils can be a real necessity when you’re on a camping trip. They’ll come in handy when you’re cooking and you may even find another use for them.
  • Toiletries and first aid – Be sure to bring all the necessary toiletries with you on your trip. Toilet paper, toothbrush, feminine hygiene products, and even your contact solution can be easily overlooked when packing for your summer camping trip. Prescription medications also go frequently overlooked, so ensure you’ve refilled before your trip. Pack a fully stocked first aid kit, and make sure you’ve brought a decent camping or outdoor multitool in the event of an emergency.
hot weather camping essentials

Getting ready to hit the great outdoors and looking for those hot weather camping essentials? We recommend sitting down, writing it all out, and checking things off one by one!

  • Bags to pack out waste – Remember, anything you bring in should come back out. When it comes to using the restroom, be sure to follow safe and sanitary procedures when going to the bathroom. If you have toilet paper or any packing from food, pack that out with you on your way back to your car. 
  • Permits, travel guides, and maps – While there are plenty of free camping sites that don’t require paperwork or permits, it’s best to check and make sure. Some locations require you to obtain a permit through various agencies, and getting caught without one can result in some hefty fines. 
  • Pest control and sunblock – Because it’s so important to leave nature the way we found it, utilizing eco-friendly and environmentally safe bug repellents and sunscreens are huge! You can get natural spatial repellents and sunscreens from 4 Ring Protection that protect your family and pets without hurting the environment.
  • Creature comforts – It’s hard to completely detach from technology, but if you feel the need to hike with your phone or another GPS device, make sure you’ve stocked up on battery packs. Books to read, art supplies if you’re going to create a masterpiece, and even comfortable clothes and pillows are things to consider when packing for a summer camping trip. If you’ve got a camera to bring, make sure you’ve got all the supplies you’ll need. 


We know there’s a whole lot more you’ll probably want to pack when you sit down and write your packing list, but these are some of the very basic essentials we know you’ll need. Are you heading out to experience nature soon? Tell us how your trip went and let us know some of your awesome packing list ideas. Have fun and stay safe!

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