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The Health Benefits of Sunlight During Self-Isolation

If you’re among the millions in the U.S. self-isolating or stuck at home due to quarantine, you’re probably going through a rollercoaster of new challenges. Among those challenges are restlessness, boredom, mental health hurdles – you may even be experiencing some changes in your physical health too. Whether your job was one where you were on your feet moving all day, indoors or outdoors, sitting at a desk or completing physical tasks, sitting at home is a big change for our minds and bodies to adapt to. So then what are some ways those of us stuck inside, working from home, teaching your school aged children, and otherwise being cautious and spending minimal time outside the home can improve our mental state and get active while still self-isolating? The health benefits of sunlight are fantastic on their own, but during our current COVID-19 pandemic, the positive effects of sunlight on our health can be monumental. 

The Benefits of Sunlight as it Relates to COVID-19

Because so much of our body’s daily functions require vitamin D, we may take for granted how much exposure we get on a day to day basis during our normal routine. From getting up and walking from our car to our workplace, or even taking a quick walk down to our favorite deli on the corner for lunch, these opportunities to get out and get some sun just happened. Now, with minimal trips outdoors and social gatherings being limited, we find ourselves in a unique position. Many people are finding themselves sitting indoors for days on end. As the days go by, it’s no wonder the impact our new routine has on our body and minds may be a negative one. 

sunlight and coronavirus
The relationship between sunlight and coronavirus is a tricky balance. While the UV levels are not high enough to kill the virus, being stuck indoors can be detrimental to our overall health.

The health benefits of sunlight and the Coronavirus may be exponential. There have been questions raised as to whether UV rays from the sun actually kill the virus. The answer to that question is no, there has been no evidence that the level of UV exposure on the virus actually kills it. There is speculation that as we move into summer, warmer temps will help keep the virus at bay and help flatten the curve. While this may be true, getting outdoors can help improve your state of mind and physical health in other very important ways. 

Is Sunlight Good For Us?

While it may seem a daunting task, getting outdoors during quarantine and self isolation is an important step in helping our overall health. Sunlight triggers the natural production of Vitamin D, an important element our bodies need not only for brain function but physical health too. Physically it helps with our nervous, immune and muscle systems, but it also helps with the production of serotonin and raises endorphin levels. 

Is sunshine good
Is sunshine good for us? If you’re one of the millions of Americans living in apartment complexes or condos, utilizing your balconies for small garden spaces can be a welcome opportunity to get some sunshine!

A few great ways to get out of your house while still maintaining social distancing and isolation guidelines can include yoga in your yard, going for walks, or even gardening if you have a space available. Those in rural areas have the benefit of a bit more space to move around – exercise outdoors can be less limited without the worry of coming in contact with others. If you have kids at home, building forts outside, going on bug hunts in your backyard or even starting porch planting pot gardens is a great way to add a little sunlight and fresh air. If you find yourself in a more urban setting, even finding your nearest park or utilizing your apartment balcony can be a little bit of relief. If you can’t get outdoors as often as you’d like, sitting near a window with direct sunlight can help stimulate Vitamin D production without the harmful UV rays. 

No matter where you are, getting outside to catch some rays means you’ll need to protect your skin – using natural eco friendly and family safe products like 4 Ring Protection’s ANYTIME® can protect you from harmful UV exposure, while also repelling pesky bugs like Mosquitoes. If you have the benefit of living in a more rural area with a yard, as the temps warm up you may find spending more time outdoors an issue with bugs in your yard and gardens. You can protect your family and pets by using products safe for them like ZONE spatial repellents. Getting outside and soaking up the sun is a great way to feel better overall, there’s no reason you can’t do it safely and without the nuisance of biting mosquitoes! Stay safe everyone!

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