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Activities for Kids During Self-Isolation

In most places in the U.S., parents are still handling the challenges of working from home, teaching their school aged children, and maintaining their homes. These can be trying times, and stress levels may be high. Finding ways to keep you sane and keep your kids occupied can seem like an overwhelming task, but rest assured you’re not alone. If you’re looking to find activities for kids during self-isolation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some great ideas for indoor and outdoor fun to keep young minds engaged and to help you build those special memories as we get through these trying times. 

Activities for Kids During Self-Isolation

With the school year coming to a close, most parents are probably welcoming the time away from teaching and parenting all in one. It can be mentally exhausting to keep up with all their homework and your work-from-home schedule. If you’re looking for some activities during self isolation, variety might be a necessity. While some indoor activities are a must, ensuring you and your family get outside to soak up some of that warm sunshine can help with your mental and physical health! Below are some great ideas to add to your list of fun things to do while we’re still stuck at home. 


  • Treasure hunts – If you’re feeling adventurous and crafty, make a detailed map of your home or yard…or both! Hide treasures along the way, or if you’re trying to incorporate added learning, use the opportunity to teach about maps, locations and other cool stuff around your home. 
  • Take virtual tours – With the rest of the world staying home too, many museums, aquariums and zoos have adapted to our current situation and are offering amazing, information packed virtual tours for free!
  • Grow a garden – Even if you don’t have a green thumb, spending a few hours outdoors with your family and starting your very own garden can be loads of fun. Not only can you teach them about  plants and how they grow, but you can soak up some of that much needed vitamin D. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!
outdoor activities during COVID19

It might be difficult to find outdoor activities during COVID19, but gardening might be just the ticket. Even if you’ve only got a balcony or windowsill, teaching your youngsters about growing plants can be fun and engaging.

  • Neighborhood bingo – Since social distancing is still important, taking a walk around your neighborhood is sometimes the only way to get out and stretch your legs. Create your own bingo cards and hit the sidewalk! Not only will you get some fresh air but it sparks observation interest. Add fun sightings like pets, different flowers or even add different kinds of cars to your card!
  • Create a TikTok account – We know, it might sound crazy, but many families are finding a bit of laughter and entertainment in coming up with fun new TikTok ideas. Make your own dance, act out special skills, or even consider dressing up.
  • Make a time capsule – Being stuck indoors may give us a lot of time to reflect. Getting your kids involved by adding cool news stories, creating art, or heck…even rolling it back to making mixed tapes might be a fun way to remember the good times! Stick some letters to yourself and your kiddos in and place your items in a weather proof container. 
  • Board games – If you don’t have a stockpile of games and puzzles, what about creating your own? You can combine all your favorite childhood games into your very own exciting adventure.
  • Pen Pals – The art of writing letters and sending them via snail mail has all but gone out the window. Our older family members still remember a time where written correspondence was the main go to, but why not start it up again? Learning about the postal service, getting excited about collecting stamps, and meeting someone new can keep them occupied for years to come. Click here for some websites that can help match you to a great new writing pal!
  • Read! – Libraries in your area may not be open, but with the advent of digital books through apps or websites like audible have made children’s literature free during the pandemic. Of course some libraries have titles available for free all the time. 
  • Science experiments – You can find tons of easy, fun, and really awesome science experiments for kids all over the internet. Check Pinterest for some great ideas! Many children’s museums also have material available on their websites to help get those brains working! Many fun experiments can be done using common household materials. 


  • Learn about cooking – Getting your kids involved in the kitchen can not only help them learn about some very basic life skills, but who knows. It may spark some interest in cuisine! Learning about ingredients and how certain things affect cooking can be a great way to spark excitement. After all, it won’t be long before they can take over dinnertime!
  • Make a Rube Goldberg Machine – A great creation to share on your TikTok maybe? Read up on the history of these creative and scientific machines and then put your own into motion. They’ll turn the most mundane tasks into works of art!



  • Get crafty – Learning a new art craft and creating amazing things can help keep them occupied AND it’s fun. Learn to paint, make your own playdough, create sidewalk chalk or come up with your own interesting form of art. The options are endless.
  • Turn your backyard into an adventure land – Create a fort, map out a spot for treasure, make picnic spots and help your kids’ imagination thrive. Turning your backyard into a fun kid’s zone can take minimal effort and can mean a safe haven for your kids while you’re stuck at your desk. Summer can mean bugs and heat, so just make sure your family is protected from pests with repellents like products like Outdoor ZONE defense and make sure there’s shade and everyone stays hydrated.


We know times are tough, and even when we’re not stuck at home for difficult reasons, everyone can use a little help keeping the kids out of their hair. If you’ve got other great ideas to entertain your youngsters, we’d love to hear them! Have fun and stay safe everyone!

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